martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Another empty store becomes bigger the chance for monopoly

This is an ongoing project where my fear of starting an own business is pictured in empty stores that have failed in trying to make a living. Could that be called businessphobia, i shall call it like that for now.                 
I have ideas of different business because I have dreams and goals as many others, but so far I see that time in my life far from becoming true. I approach this fear by documenting, when possible, others failures, anonymous failures, empty rooms that soon will just receive new owners willing to try to start something in this unstable economical system. The void, in some cases, makes this places and rooms direct witness of catastrophy, uncertain futures, unclear realities. I find unsettling the similarity between this spaces  and the ones of the art galleries. Would this places make good galleries or are galleries as unstable choice of business as any other.

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