jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

The Lines

As travelling wherever it may so be, there are times when I look up, looking if maybe the clouds are different than the ones at where I grew up. Looking up for something extraordinary that would make me scream and be telling you now something a little bit more intresting. To have some UFO in the picture wouldn't bother me, I could at least sell that one and have some earnings out of my camera. But that;s not the case. I look up whereever I might be being reminded of what I see when I look down. To have a Jesus looking like cloud would also make me earn some pennies.....anyway, them lines have their charm, and I'm not the first one to discover them, to have angled them in such a way and well,... some extraordinary help of photoshop (who cares nowadays) there's some road stories, not specially harsh or melanchollic but sometimes even gracious the way lines ro destinies may meet to again desapear in fogivness.....Sometimes I even try to remember what kind of houses or forests are around them, in some I do but the rest......

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